Olney Geriatric Psychiatry
Specializing in the Assessment and Treatment of the Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Alzheimer's/Dementia in the Home Setting
About the Practice 
The majority of the practice is dedicated to patients aged 65 and older.  These patients have additional needs and are more likely to experience difficulties with health issues, loss and grief, as well as memory problems/dementia.  In addition, isolation, changes in living arrangements, and difficulties with transportation can also be present.  We have expertise in treating mental illness in the geriatric population and are available to visit the individual at their place of residence such as a nursing home, assisted-living facility, or private home.

The majority of our patients have cognitive impairment and may be experiencing related behavioral and psychological symptoms such as confusion, wandering, mood swings, aggression/uncooperative behaviors, apathy, depression, anxiety, and inappropriate sexual behavior.  We are often contacted regarding impaired individuals who require assistance caring for themselves but are refusing to allow it or who need to move to a supervised living situation.

For all of our patients we work closely with the family as well as with facilities, physicians, and other care providers, including Geriatric Care Managers, to make sure that all aspects of the individual are evaluated and addressed.  Our approach is tailored to the individual needs of each patient and takes into consideration multiple aspects of each.  We examine effects that biology may play in each patient as well as that of individual temperament, behavior, and personal life experiences.

Initial Evaluations consist of several parts.  First, we obtain extensive information from family members, Primary Care Physicians and other involved medical specialists; this includes reviewing medical records, labs, and other tests.  If the patient resides in an Assisted Living or Nursing Home facility, we speak with the staff at the facility and review the entire medical chart.  We then meet with the patient and do a comprehensive assessment including looking for symptoms of depression, anxiety, psychosis, behavioral problems, and perform memory testing.  We also perform a Neurological Examination at this same time.  Afterward, we discuss our findings and recommendations with the family and other physicians and answer any questions they may have.  The fee for this evaluation is $1,500.

Follow-up evaluations follow the same pattern as the initial evaluation, but on a much smaller scale. Follow up visits are $325 each with Dr. Schor, $275 each with Andrea Kohn.  On average we follow up with our geriatric patients every 4-6 weeks.  Some patients who are very stable may only be seen every two to three months.  Sometimes at the onset of treatment adjustments may needed more frequently, so visits may be spaced closer together at first.   

Geriatric Legal Services

Dr. Schor is available to assist with legal evaluations to help family members obtain Power of Attorney or Guardianship for their relatives who are not able to care for themselves safely as well as to advise about treatment needs.  These services are similar to the Geriatric Evaluations described above. Dr. Schor works closely with Elder Law Attorneys and am able to make referrals to one if needed.  Legal services are billed at $450 per hour.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about these services.

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